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LSB Linear Standby Belts

The Starter Pack

The Starter Pack

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"The ingenious interchangeable bags make it extremely adaptable for any makeup, hair or prosthetics work I am doing."
- Jane O'Kane, Makeup & Hair Designer

Start strong with our top-selling combo! This package has everything you need to kickstart your LSB set up ... even better, it's at a discounted price!

Includes the ergonomic LSB belt, the essential Tissue Tote, our 'go-to' PVCs the Prima and Duo, and the handy Demi. 

Select your belt size from the list below to ensure you get a great fit.

Save yourself over $23 with this great combo package. Snap. It. Up.

Belt size: 

Choose your size:

XXS-SM: 72cm (28 inches) - 110cm (43 inches)

SM-MED: 80cm (34 inches) - 120cm (47 inches)

MED-XXL: 98cm (38 inches) - 151cm (58.5 inches)

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"I have been using my LSB belt for 10 years and I can confirm I've finally found the perfect set bag."

Jaime Leigh McIntosh, Hair Designer