About us

It all began back in 2012 … Linear Standby Belts (LSB) was a bright idea borne out of several conversations between a couple of makeup artists on the set of The Hobbit. 

What followed is a collection of New Zealand-designed belts and pouches by makeup artists, for makeup artists. 

The why

Key makeup and hair artist Georgia Lockhart-Adams, had made movie after movie using the status quo standby bag – an over-shoulder bag that offered zero support and created multiple problems. Desperate for a more functional, ergonomic option, she collaborated with a friend to find a solution for long-suffering makeup artists in the film and television industry.

“We were always searching for the perfect standby bag," says Georgia.

"The old 'over-shoulder' style bag did the job but caused endless shoulder and neck pain – and who hasn’t bent down and had their set bag swing around to the front, or put it down on set only to forget where it is?!"

"We decided there had to be a more comfortable and efficient way of carrying all our equipment without putting unnecessary strain on the body.”

The how

A standard builder's tool belt purchased from the local hardware store inspired the basic structure, but Georgia says a custom design was needed to hold and protect brushes and ink palettes.

“We designed our own style of pouches and had them made. We tried and tested this system for 18 months on the set of The Hobbit – standing for hours on the concrete floors of Wellington’s Stone Street Studios."

She realised they were on to a winner.

"Moving to a belt with two bags for even weight distribution was the key innovation. Having both hands free at all times to do your job with ease is absolutely life-changing!”

After refining the belt and perfecting the pouches, Linear Standby Belts (fondly known as LSB) launched as the first tool belts designed for makeup artists, by makeup artists. Although, it quickly became clear that these items were good for the whole crew.

The collection

"From the film set to sports therapists, medics, event crew anyone who needs to be quick, agile and have both hands free can benefit from using LSB products,” says Georgia.

The range has grown over the years to meet the needs of industry professionals. And in 2023, LSB launched the Voyager range of travel cases, to help artists keep their kit organised for storage or travel.