Don't just take our word for it! Hear what leading industry professionals have to say about Linear Standby Belts and pouches.
Jane O'Kane on set"So glad I have my Linear Standby Belt after years of trying different combinations of tool belts and hip bags! It’s the perfect standby solution for me and I have used them on every job I’ve done since LSB first launched. The ingenious interchangeable bags make it extremely adaptable for any makeup, hair or prosthetics work I am doing on all my various projects. My entire crew use the LSB belt and it’s great to see so many other departments on set now benefiting from this great product. Thank you and well done LSB!"
Jane O’Kane
Makeup & Hair Designer

Rick Findlater on set
"At times I need to do hair, makeup and prosthetics all on the same actor – wearing and using the Linear Standby Belt means I have both hands free and the products I need within hand's reach, leading to faster 'check time' and a better result all round for the film ... and less stress on my body."

Rick Findlater
Makeup & Hair Designer




"My LSB setup allows me to work with two hands and makes my last looks so much more time efficient. And best of all, it leaves me with NO back pain, even after 15-18 hour work days!"

Kerrin Jackson
SPFX Makeup Artist, The Makeup Refinery



Sarah Rubano on set

"LSB's belt system has greatly improved my on set experience. Super comfortable – no more sore shoulders and back!

More efficient and organised, all my product and tool essentials are accessible – no more digging around in bottomless bags! HIGHLY RECOMMEND."

Sarah Rubano
Makeup Designer / Prosthetic Makeup Supervisor



"I have been using my LSB belt for 10 years and I can confirm I've finally found the perfect set bag."

Jaime Leigh McIntosh
Hair Designer 



"LSB has made my working day so much easier on set, all my equipment is within easy reach and the belt is super comfy!"

Anna Burstall
Personal Dresser / Key Costumer



"I've been using LSB for two years and it has helped me to cure my shoulder pain, since my gear now sits weightlessly at my waist. The design with zips and different shaped pouches allows me to arrange my makeup tools easily, making it very convenient for touch ups – I have no doubt that without it I would drop or lose my tools when I'm walking or running!"

Yasmine Sek
Makeup Artist