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LSB Linear Standby Belts

The Costumier Pack

The Costumier Pack

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"LSB has made my working day so much easier on set, all my equipment is within easy reach and the belt is super comfy!"
- Anna Burstall, Personal Dresser / Key Costumer

This one's especially for the wardrobe experts on set. 

With the storage options of the Demi and Trio, practicality of the Radio Holder, and versatility of the Carabiners, your Linear Standby Belt is ready to go!

Save over $20 with this combo pack.

Belt size: 

Choose your size:

XXS-SM: 72cm (28 inches) - 110cm (43 inches)

SM-MED: 80cm (34 inches) - 120cm (47 inches)

MED-XXL: 98cm (38 inches) - 151cm (58.5 inches)

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"I have been using my LSB belt for 10 years and I can confirm I've finally found the perfect set bag."

Jaime Leigh McIntosh, Hair Designer