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LSB Linear Standby Belts

The Brush Caddy

The Brush Caddy

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"The Brush Caddy is my new favourite accessory from LSB! It keeps my actors' makeup brushes separate, organised and clean. Handy to wear on the belt or to have in a bag. It's a must have!"
- Rick Findlater, Makeup & Hair Designer

This is it! The LSB Brush Caddy is what's been missing from your life and your kit! 

It's here to keep your brushes, tools and small items separated, poised and at the ready!

Free-stand it on your workstation, slide it into a pouch, velcro it to your belt, or hang it straight off a Carabiner – it's designed to be flexible and multifunctional, just like you. Plus, the easy wipe-clean interior helps you to keep your Caddy fresh and sterile.

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"I have been using my LSB belt for 10 years and I can confirm I've finally found the perfect set bag."

Jaime Leigh McIntosh, Hair Designer